Reviewer Guidelines

Peer review is done to improve the quality of the manuscript under review. Though peer review is a time-consuming task, but it is very essential to assure the quality of scientific journals and manuscripts published therein. The journal is very grateful and acknowledges the time and efforts invested by Reviewers in the review process.

The reviewer is bestowed with responsibility of critically reading and evaluating the manuscript in hand. They are encouraged to provide respectful, constructive, and honest feedback to authors about their manuscripts. In the process of peer reviewing, Reviewers are requested to comment in a way that encourages authors to improve the strength and quality of the work.

The journal uses a wide range of sources to identify potential reviewers. The sources include the members of editorial board, their contacts, scientific work available in public domains, personal contacts, bibliographic databases, and potential reviewers as suggested by Authors. Reviewers’ assessment and their comments play a major role in the decision regarding acceptance or rejection of manuscripts

Reviewers' must consider following points while accepting and reviewing manuscript Reviewers are requested to consider following points in reviewing any manuscript COPE Guidelines for Peer Reviewers